Fulfilling the Trends in Data Centers and Server SMPS via Packaging and Thermal Solutions

The emergence of cloud-based internet services, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrency has initiated a strong growth of processing power in data centers worldwide. In combination with rising electricity and real estate prices, this trend creates a clear need for highly efficient and compact server power supplies and server SMPS applications. To achieve the required higher power … Read more

REDEXPERT EMI Filter Designer Tool Simplifies EMC Filter Design

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliance is often the last hurdle that an electronic device has to overcome in the development process. It is not rare at all for circuit-specific and layout-specific changes to be required in the process. These then extend the product development cycle and increase costs. For this reason, Würth Elektronik now offers the … Read more

Five major trends in power supply design for servers

Because servers are essential for handling data communications, the server industry has grown exponentially in parallel with the Internet. Although server units were originally based on a PC architecture, a server system must be able to handle the increasing number and complexity of network hosts. Figure 1 shows a typical rack server system in a … Read more

Peeking inside an HDD

I’ve expressed no shortage of admiration in past writeups (stretching back…oh…a quarter century or so…) for the flash memory industry’s incremental cost, capacity, performance and reliability accomplishments over the years. I suppose I’m (more than) a bit biased because my post-college (not including during-college-co-op) engineering “origin story” involves eight years with Intel as an applications … Read more

EM simulator broadens antenna capabilities

The updated schematic editor within Remcom’s XFdtd 3D EM simulation software now supports diplex matched antennas. It also features new efficiencies to streamline antenna design workflows and shorten design cycles. XFdtd’s schematic editor combines matching network analysis with full-wave results. This makes the simulation tool well-suited for complex antenna designs involving multi-state and multi-port aperture … Read more

Xiaomi taps Keysight to accelerate 5G device validation

Xiaomi has selected Keysight’s 5G device test platform to validate its smartphones in accordance with 5G Release 16 specifications. The world’s third largest smartphone vendor measured by units shipped, Xiaomi chose Keysight 5G test cases to capture early revenue associated with 3GPP Release 16 opportunities. Keysight’s collaborations with major 5G modem platform vendors enable Xiaomi … Read more

Simple, high accuracy/precision/resolution frequency counter

In my previous design idea, a design for a simple GPS disciplined oscillator (GPSDO) 10 MHz reference was presented. A note at the end of that article describes the realization that a frequency counter could be derived by simple changes to the circuit. This article follows up by presenting a simple circuit for a frequency … Read more

Homebrew loop gain test transformer

You can purchase test equipment that will allow you to examine the loop gain and loop phase properties of an operating feedback loop and, that purchased equipment will deliver useful results over a very wide range of frequencies. However, the feedback loops in the power supplies I’ve encountered only needed to be characterized over fairly … Read more