Robots and CNC Machines – An Assembly Configuration Made in Heaven

Our own Control Automation engineering staff had the opportunity to visit VersaBuilt, a CNC robotic integration shop offering an application system from the Universal Robots UR+ series. One of the biggest problems faced by manufacturers isn’t really the ability to use a piece of equipment. These days, with online tutorials, videos, and digital access to … Read more

CNC Software vs. PLC Software

It can be easy to group CNCs and PLCs together since they are both run by digital processors and programs. Are they interchangeable? This article explores the possibility on a software level. Two major categories of digital control systems can be seen throughout different areas of industry: CNC machines creating parts and products at a … Read more

CNC Hardware and PLC Hardware Signal Differences

Learn all about the differences between PLC and CNC hardware, and be informed in making the right decision. Although different, it is possible to interchange them, but challenges exist because of the hardware and devices being controlled. Almost every modern industrial control system is driven by a digital processor. Two of the most common examples … Read more