Introduction to System Dynamic Responses

System dynamics is primarily concerned with understanding complex systems’ behaviors over time. Mathematical and computer models can help identify responses before turning to costly real-world experiments. The word “system” is among the most utilized in engineering. But have you ever stopped to think about its meaning? What is a “system”? In the most basic definition, … Read more

Pneumatic Cylinders Used for Industrial Automation

Engineers face a common challenge of moving objects from one point to another, especially in a production line. This article will introduce the pneumatic cylinder as used in industrial automation. Industrial automation involves the movement of goods automatically within the production line, equipment, and machines. Such movement is made possible through the use of various … Read more

Developing Standardized Practices for PLC Programming

Any kind of computer programming can be challenging to determine what aspects are truly unique versus what aspects should be standardized across projects and platforms to streamline future development. Similarities in Machine Design A machine builder is a company that designs and builds automated equipment or integrates pre-defined components into a complete assembly. This automated … Read more

Three-Phase Transformers: Applications and Connection Configuration

Transformer types can vary from small instruments to large power distribution systems. 3-phase systems require transformers that employ the same wye and delta arrangements common to industrial motors. Transformers are critical electrical devices for power transmission, taking in power at one voltage and dispatching it out at another voltage. It can increase or decrease the voltage … Read more

Monolithic Linear Voltage Regulators

Monolithic, or integrated, linear voltage regulators make it possible to build a stable power supply with a small number of parts, saving both time and space. Additionally, a lot of the modern devices on the market incorporate cutting-edge features like short-circuit, overvoltage, and overcurrent protection. Since they were first used, linear regulators have dominated the … Read more

What Are the Prospects for SiC and GaN Power Devices in the Future?

In recent years, some important, high-growth applications have experienced an increase in the use of silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) power devices. GaN is being utilized in charging systems and chargers for mobile devices. GaN-based chargers have been chosen by manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi because they offer high power densities while … Read more

DC/DC Converters for Industrial Applications

Electronic components are designed and manufactured with specific performance characteristics tailored to target applications based on how harsh they are and the reliability they require. Electronic components are designed and manufactured with specific performance characteristics tailored to target applications. Commercial space is the least demanding, with temperatures ranging from 0° C to 70° C and … Read more

Get More From Your Heat Pump

High functional integration and power density are at the foundation of our energy-efficient, cost-effective power modules for motor drives tailored to the needs of advanced heat pump solutions. Heat pumps are in the spotlight, for good reason. They dramatically increase the energy efficiency of indoor heating, cooling, and hot water production, allowing them to help meet … Read more

Advanced Inductor Circuit Models

In this article, Dr. Ridley describes new advanced circuit models that can be used to accurately predict the performance of off-the-shelf inductors. This allows the designer to rapidly assess power supply inductor losses by using standard circuit simulation packages. Over the past ten years, magnetics manufacturers have made great progress in providing power designers with … Read more

Rethinking Electric Truck Design

Electric trucks are well on their way as part of the electric vehicle industry, but their design requires different considerations than traditional electric passenger vehicles. Although electric trucks are on their way, they require different design considerations than electric passenger cars or buses. Image used courtesy of Qnovo   A heavy truck (like a Class 8) … Read more